Horticulture Committee

“Miriam’s Garden” Project
A community garden on the grounds of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Baden, PA was established by the sisters in an effort to strengthen food security in Beaver County. Village Garden Club plants and maintains two 4 ft x 16 ft raised vegetable beds and donates all of the produce grown to a local soup kitchen or food bank.
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Seasonal plantings for the Sewickley Library
The club maintains several planters on the terrace, and plants perennial spring bulbs on the grounds. 

Cultivation of native and perennial plants in the community
This July the Horticulture and Conservation Committee members planted a perennial bed at the Sewickley Valley YMCA beneath a tree planted by the club several years ago.
The bed contains Hemerocallis x ‘Stella D’ Oro’ Daylilies and Asclepias tuberosa a species of milkweed native to eastern North America commonly known as ‘Butterfly Weed’ because butterflies are attracted to the plant by its color and copious production of nectar. Both of these plants are wonderful pollinators and provide cheerful color all summer.